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#PlattProfile Mikayla Viola of Lehigh Country Club

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Q&A with this month’s #PlattProfile, Mikayla Viola.

Viola talks about how confidence goes a long way on the course.  

(This interview has been edited for clarity and length.)

Q: How old are you?

A: I am 18 years old.


Q: What school are you currently attending?

A: I will be a freshman at Bloomsburg University.


Q: When do you graduate?

A: May 2026.


Q: What is your major?

A: My major is biology.


Q: How did you decide on that major?

A: I’ve always found interest in science and math and I’ve been very good at it. So, I think over the years, I always knew I wanted to do science and I think biology is just broad enough so that I could branch out and figure out more specifically what I want to do in the next few years.


Q: Do you participate in activities in school? Clubs?

A: Throughout my high school career I participated in a lot of clubs such as Pediatric Cancer Club, Kid to Kid, I also played for my high school girls lacrosse team so I will be staying pretty active.


Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: I really enjoy any sports and I love being outside whether that is hiking or going on ATVs.


Q: What golf club do you caddie for?

A: Lehigh Country Club.


Q: How long have you been caddying?

A:  For about 3 years and I also help out in the bag room.


Q: How did you start caddying?

A: I started caddying through my brother because he is also a caddy at Lehigh Country Club. I had the opportunity to shadow him and I really enjoyed it.


Q: What is your favorite thing about caddying?

A: Probably being outside and meeting new people. Like I said before, I love being outside and having to do it as my job I enjoy it.


Q: How did you hear about J. Wood Platt?

A: My brother. He is also a J. Wood Platt recipient.


Q: What are your long-term goals? Think 5 to 10 years

A: To graduate with a biology degree and a minor in chemistry and possibly going to graduate school in hopes of pursuing a career in laboratory research.


Q: What is something that happened to you while caddying that you will never forget?

A: I will never forget the interactions and connections made while on the course. More recently one of the female members I caddie for mailed me a Graduation card which was very sweet and unexpected.


Q: What advice would you give your younger self as a caddie or a new caddie just starting?

A: I would tell my younger self to be more confident. When I first started off caddying I was a little hesitant not knowing too much about this male-dominated sport, but I quickly learned the important role of a caddy and truly enjoy it.


Q: How has J. Wood Platt changed your life?

A: I am grateful for the J. Wood Platt Scholarship as it will allow me to continue my academic and athletic career as a Division II lacrosse player without the financial burden.

J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust

The Trust’s mission, which has remained constant since its inception in 1958, is to financially aid deserving caddies in their pursuit of higher education. The J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust was created by GAP through the efforts of then President Walter A. Schmidt; Leo Fraser, President of the local section of Professional Golfers Association of America; and Albert Keeping, Golf Professional at Gulph Mills Golf Club. It was named in honor of Philadelphia’s premier golfer of the era, J. Wood Platt. Not only was Mr. Platt an accomplished player, but he was also the Trust’s co-founder and first contributor.