Service to Golf Scholarships

Service to Golf

For over 65 years, the J. Wood Platt Scholarship Trust has actively supported caddies in helping them achieve a college education. The Trust is pleased to expand the scholarship program to include golf operations: bag room, driving range, cart management and pro shop.

Eligible high school seniors and college students working at GAP Member clubs are welcome to apply.  

Service to Golf Press Release

Scholarship Information

J. Wood Platt awards need-based Service to Golf scholarships of up to $5,000 annually.
Applicants need to submit financial documents, academic transcripts, and proof of their employment record.
Recipients must be enrolled as full-time, matriculated students and maintain a minimum grade point average.  Recipients are also required to work at their club each summer between academic years.
All scholarship recipients participate in the JWP EMPOWER program, which provides mentoring and career development opportunities.
Applications are accepted annually through the J. Wood Platt Website. Scholars selected as finalists will be invited to attend a formal induction event. 


Q: What are the work areas and roles that qualify someone to be eligible for a Service to Golf award?

A: To be eligible, a Service to Golf candidate must work in one or more of the following: the bag room, driving range, cart management, and pro shop.  Grounds crew, maintenance, waitstaff, and restaurant operations are not eligible.


Q: I’m interested in working in Service Golf.  How do I pursue a position at a GAP Club?

A: You should review club websites for job openings.  You may also wish to contact golf professionals, outside services directors, and other key staff at GAP clubs.


Q: How are Service to Golf scholarships awarded?

A: The Trust reviews academic records, applicant work history & performance, and key financial documents.  Platt Scholarships are intended to cover unmet financial need.


Q: How much are Service to Golf awards?

A: Service to Golf awards range from $1,000 – $5,000 annually.


Q: Are graduate students eligible?

A: Graduate students are welcomed to apply; however, priority will be given to undergraduate students and golf operations workers with a strong work record.


Q: If a club does not raise any money for JWP, would the Trust still award a grant to a Service to Golf candidate?

A: While our hope is that Club leadership and membership will support the Trust in its philanthropic endeavors, the goal of this new program is to allow for greater support of youth who are pursuing a four-year college education. As such, the Trust does not consider Club support when evaluating an applicant’s merit.


Q: How does the Trust respond to donors who want their donation to be directed to either caddies or STG?

A: In 2022, the Trust modified its mission to allow for greater support of youth who are pursuing a four-year college education. As such, the Trust does not offer a designation to stipulate one type of Scholar over another.


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[Broomall, PA] — Building on the achievements of its pilot program, the J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust is thrilled to announce the expansion of its “Service to Golf” initiative to all 300 GAP (Golf Association of Philadelphia) Member Clubs. Originally intended as a three-year pilot program, the Platt Board of Trustees has elected to accelerate the expansion of the program. Service to Golf scholarships will make higher education more accessible to young men and women working in golf operations throughout the GAP region.

For over 65 years, the J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust has been a driving force in supporting aspiring students in the golf community, particularly caddies, by facilitating their access to higher education. In an evolution of its mission, the Trust now empowers those working in Service to Golf capacities, which includes roles in the bag room, driving range, cart management, and pro shop, by offering scholarships and mentorship.

The success of the first year of the program led the Board of Trustees to reevaluate the timeline and expand the program to include all GAP Member Clubs. The Trust is dedicated to helping scholars with financial support and professional growth, showing its commitment to a more inclusive and impactful future for those working in golf operations.

Prospective candidates interested in the Service to Golf scholarship program are invited to apply annually through the Trust’s official website, Application requirements include the submission of financial documents, academic transcripts, and evidence of employment history.

Service to Golf scholarships, awarded based on need, offer recipients financial support of up to $5,000 annually to assist in their pursuit of higher education. Scholarship recipients are expected to continue their employment during breaks, remain enrolled as full-time undergraduates in colleges or universities, and maintain a minimum grade point average. Additionally, recipients are highly encouraged to engage in the Trust’s EMPOWER Program, which equips them with essential mentoring and career preparation services.