Mentoring Program

“For true success, it matters what our goals are. And it matters how we go about attaining them. The means are as important as the ends. How we get there is as important as where we go.”
— Old Tim Morris

The J. Wood Platt EMPOWER Mentoring Program brings Platt Scholars and friends of the Trust together in one-to-one relationships in support of the Scholars potential career and professional development goals. All Scholars and Mentors opt-in and are paired based on the Scholar’s primary field of interest, desired work location, and other mutual areas of interest.

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Who is a Mentor?

A Mentor is a friend of the Trust currently working in a business role that wants to share their knowledge with  Scholars through mentorship. Our program welcomes professionals across all industries and stages of their careers.


How do I join the program?

Once your Mentor profile is complete, you will be paired with a Scholar based on your work experience and areas of expertise.  The system will identify recommendations and you will be paired with a Scholar. Click the above button to create your mentor profile.


What is the commitment level?

Approximately an hour a month. Scholars and Mentors are encouraged to talk on a frequent basis throughout their six-month Connection Plan.  You will engage with your Scholar to outline goals and work towards success. Your participation will help shape a Scholar’s future both professionally and personally and we are grateful to our Mentors for their leadership.


Tips for maintaining a great relationship:

  • Find common ground (hobbies, interests, etc.) and build on those
  • Foster creativity and independence. Help build self-confidence and offer encouragement.
  • Establish open and honest communication and a forum for idea exchange.
  • Most importantly, have fun with it!
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Who is a Mentee?

A Mentee is a J. Wood Platt Scholar seeking mentorship from a friend of the Trust who works in the business world. Scholars select their Mentor based on their field of interest, desired work location, and development areas.


How do I join the program?

Once the Mentoring Program is launched, Scholars will complete profiles using a mentoring-specific software.  Top Mentor recommendations will be recommended and the Mentee then selects the Mentor they feel could provide them the best guidance on their chosen major/career path.


What is the commitment level?

Scholars will work with their Mentor to complete goals outlined in a six month Connection Plan. Meetings are conducted to work through these goals. Communication is key to the success of a mentoring relationship. Ultimately, what you put into the relationship is what you will get out.


Tips for maintaining a great relationship:

  • Take ownership of your relationship, share what you want to work on
  • Communicate promptly and professionally—be sure to ask for feedback and listen!
  • Have a goal set for each meeting—use the time efficiently and have questions prepared
  • Show appreciation and be mindful of your Mentor’s time
  • Don’t be afraid to ask honest, open questions

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