Memorial Contributions

We are honored to have received donations in memory of loved ones listed below, which make a lasting impact on the lives of our Scholars.

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In Loving Memory of...
William "Garry" O'Rourke
Walter H. Swayze
Wayne Thompson, Jr.


In Loving Memory of...
Kevin Canavan

Joseph E. Colen, Jr.
D. Edward Curran
Martin Hayden
James O'Brien
Nancy Schueck
Frank Ursomarso


In Loving Memory of...
Anne Brinsfield
Jerry Case
Christopher Chizauskie
Don Eicher
Robert S. Graino
David Hudacheck
Richard L. Jones
Edward Krzanowsky
Thomas Nemeth
David Roberts
Neva Walsh


In Loving Memory of...
William "Bill" Campbell
Richard Sean Carlin, Jr.
John Garber
Gordon Gerber
Robert Hampton
John W. Jones, III
Peter Keegan
Mary Clay Platt Lee
Theodore "Ted" Regan, Jr.
Gary Zalis


In Loving Memory of...
Ernest Eichenberg, III

Louise "Bobbie" Rose
Janice Spieller