Memorial Contributions

We are honored to have received donations in memory of loved ones listed below, which make a lasting impact on the lives of our Scholars.

For more information on how you can set up a tribute for a loved one, please contact Lindsay Myers, JWP Director of Development at

Click here to make a gift in support of an already established memorial

In Loving Memory of…

Arthur Augustyn

James M. Bonner

Robert N. Bowen, Jr.

William “Bill” Campbell

Richard Sean Carlin, Jr.

Fred Christman

Paul Crawford

Michael Dougherty

Ernest F. Eichenberg, III

Robert M. Engman

Maxwell Fisher

Leonard V. Fox, Jr.

Edward L. Frampton

Jack Gallagher

John E. Garber, Jr.

Gordon Gerber

Joseph Gill

Thomas Givnish

Robert W. Hampton

James H. Hays, M.D.

John W. Jones, III

Peter Keegan

James Larzalere

Mary Clay Platt Lee

Thomas M. Lerro, Sr.

Henry J. McQuiston

Oscar Mestre, Sr.

Joe Moran

Sam Parisi

Norine Pastore

Jack Pergolin

Don Phillips

Theodore “Ted” Regan, Jr.

Louise “Bobbie” Rose

Paul J Schimpff

Claude Shannon

Janice Spieller

Raymond T Thompson

William T. Walsh

Elizabeth Mather Warren

Gary Zalis