Lifetime Contributions

The Lifetime Membership Program was launched in 1994 as a means to enable donors to make lasting contributions to the Trust. A $10,000 level of giving grants the donor membership in the Trust’s Lifetime Club.

The funds generated from the Program are deposited in a special permanent endowment, from which only the income generated will be used for scholarships.  The establishment of this endowment now provides the Trust with an important source of permanent funding.

Contributions are most commonly made in one initial investment (cash or stock) or over a four-year period with installments of $2,500 per year.  There is additional flexibility with payments for donor convenience.

Benefits of being a member of the lifetime program

Lifetime Contributions are deposited in a special permanent endowment to secure the future stability of the Trust. Only the income generated will be used for scholarships and the principal will remain
Members are invited to attend the Trust’s Annual Caddie-Scholar Brunch and have an opportunity to interact with our current scholarship
Members receive J. Wood Platt branded merchandise.
Members receive a Pewter Lifetime Bag Tag to display on their golf.

Sustaining Lifetime Program

The “Sustaining Lifetime” offers contributors a means to continue giving on an annual basis to funds that are unrestricted and used toward current operations.  This level allows Lifetime Members, who have met their $10,000 pledge, to annually contribute a minimum of $1,000 and be recognized as Sustaining Lifetime Members.  Ideally, the membership will be renewed on an annual basis.

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