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#PlattProfile Charles Sheehan of Rolling Green Golf Club

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Q&A with this month’s #PlattProfile, Charles Sheehan.

Sheehan talks about his involvement in the Gaelic Athletic Association and his future plans to be an engineer.

(This interview has been edited for clarity and length.)

Q: How old are you?

A: I am 22, I am a senior.


Q: What school are you currently attending?

A: I am at Notre Dame.


Q: When do you graduate?

A: In May 2022.


Q: What is your major?

A: I am doing Mechanical Engineering.


Q: How did you decide on that major?

A: In high school, I decided on that because I liked the physics classes I was taking and the calculus classes. My physics teacher was a mechanical engineer before he started teaching and he advised I should go into mechanical engineer if I liked the material so I followed through.


Q: Do you participate in activities at school?

A: Yes, I am involved in the Gaelic Athletic Association here which is a club we started my freshman year that plays the national sports of Ireland which are Gaelic football and hurling. We practice about twice a week. We played some intercollegiate competitions verse schools in the area and a national tournament, which is a lot of fun. And I am also involved in the dance marathon which is a club that raises funds and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.


Q: What golf club do you caddie for?

A: I caddie at Rolling Green.


Q: How long have you been caddying?

A: I started caddying my sophomore year of high school, so six years now.


Q: How did you start caddying?

A:  One of my younger brother’s friends, his older brothers caddied at Rolling Green. He said he loved the job and they were looking for more caddies. I was looking for my first job, it seemed like a nice place to be, I like being outside, I like playing golf, and I just went for it.


Q: What is your favorite thing about caddying?

A: I like the people I’ve met. A lot of the golfers have interesting stories and good advice to share. I’ve formed good friendships with the other caddies along with the staff at Rolling Green. It’s a good community, a lot of fun to hang out there during the day, it doesn’t feel like I’m working.


Q: How did you hear about J. Wood Platt?

A: I heard about J. Wood Platt from Tom Mccann and also our caddy master Chris Hoyle. When I was a junior, he kept me on track, gave me some tips on how to apply, and offered me any help I needed for it.

Q: What are your long-term goals? Think 5 to 10 years

A: After graduating from Notre Dame in May, I plan to start to work as an engineer for Clark Construction Group in Washington, D.C. I hope to take classes and get my MBA while working and then move up to a project management role. Ultimately, I would like to move back to the greater Philadelphia area and hope to be in a position where I can give back to J. Wood Platt and help other young caddies like myself.


Q: What is something that happened to you while caddying that you will never forget?

A:  After my freshman year, all the Platt caddies were invited to caddy at the Shoprite Classic Pro-Am at Seaview Golf Club in Atlantic City. I was able to caddy for some excellent golfers and meet some of the other Platt scholars. We all spent the night in a hotel near the course, and the whole weekend was a ton of fun. I’m so grateful Platt connected me with this event and that we all got to take part in a great weekend.


Q: What advice would you give your younger self as a caddie or a new caddie just starting?

A: If I could give my younger self or a new caddie some advice, I would recommend he or she takes advantage of all the opportunities outside of golf that are offered. I have been able to caddy for some great people over the years, many of whom offered help with career advice or job searches. I would recommend making a better effort to connect with these great people and hear all the advice they can offer. I certainly did not take advantage of this great knowledge resource early enough!


Q: How has J. Wood Platt changed your life?

A: J. Wood Platt has alleviated the student loans I would have accrued over the past four years. I am in a much better place to start my career and have significantly less loans that I otherwise would have had without the help Platt has provided. I am so grateful for all the assistance Platt and the many donors have provided to help me through college and start my career as an engineer!






J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust

The Trust’s mission, which has remained constant since its inception in 1958, is to financially aid deserving caddies in their pursuit of higher education. The J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust was created by GAP through the efforts of then President Walter A. Schmidt; Leo Fraser, President of the local section of Professional Golfers Association of America; and Albert Keeping, Golf Professional at Gulph Mills Golf Club. It was named in honor of Philadelphia’s premier golfer of the era, J. Wood Platt. Not only was Mr. Platt an accomplished player, but he was also the Trust’s co-founder and first contributor.