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#PlattProfile Brady McCormick of Commonwealth Country Club

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Q&A with this month’s #PlattProfile, Brady McCormick

McCormick gives advice to younger caddies. 

(This interview has been edited for clarity and length.)

Q: How old are you?

A: I am 20.


Q: What school are you currently attending?

A: Penn State University.


Q: When do you graduate?

A: I graduate in 2024.


Q: What is your major?

A: I am majoring in telecommunications.


Q: How did you decide on that major?

A: I just basically looked at what the major entails and saw that it was a good fit for me personally.


Q: Do you participate in activities in school? Clubs?

A: I am planning on joining a Penn State THON committee. I did two years in Altoona so this is my first year at Main Campus. I am definitely getting involved this year since it is my first year on campus.


Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: I like to play golf, I am a big fan of going to the beach, that’s my favorite thing to do, even just a day trip. I also enjoy spending time with friends.


Q: What golf club do you caddie for?

A: Commonwealth Country Club.


Q: How long have you been caddying?

A: Five years.


Q: How did you start caddying?

A: I suppose my brothers. They both caddied, and they’re both older. While I was growing up they told me how much of a great time it is and how great it is to make connections. I followed in their footsteps and tried it out, loved it, and never stopped.


Q: What is your favorite thing about caddying?

A: Just being able to talk to people in your group, hearing about what they do, different things they have done in life, is really cool to hear about. Obviously, you encounter many successful people at the country club, and it is really interesting to hear their stories and what they have to say.


Q: How did you hear about J. Wood Platt?

A: I heard about JWP through my brothers, they were both Platt Scholars. They told me how much of a great help it is financially and how great of a program it is so I decided to give it a go myself.


Q: What are your long-term goals? Think 5 to 10 years

A: My long-term goal is to get a good job coming out of college. I am hoping to get a job somewhere in the production field possibly for a sports or news network. A good job to me revolves around me being enthusiastic and interested in what I do.


Q: What is something that happened to you while caddying that you will never forget?

A: When the guy I was caddying for was in the final group of the Club Championship. Even though he didn’t end up winning, there’s something about competitive golf that makes caddying that much better.


Q: What advice would you give your younger self as a caddie or a new caddie just starting?

A: My advice to young caddies would be to use caddying as not only a way to make money but also a way to make connections. Use it as an opportunity to gain insight and hear different stories about your members to make it a more personalized experience.



Q: How has J. Wood Platt changed your life?

A: J Wood Platt has changed my life by financially helping my family in a huge way. Along with that, it has provided me with a platform to network and make connections throughout my college experience.

J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust

The Trust’s mission, which has remained constant since its inception in 1958, is to financially aid deserving caddies in their pursuit of higher education. The J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust was created by GAP through the efforts of then President Walter A. Schmidt; Leo Fraser, President of the local section of Professional Golfers Association of America; and Albert Keeping, Golf Professional at Gulph Mills Golf Club. It was named in honor of Philadelphia’s premier golfer of the era, J. Wood Platt. Not only was Mr. Platt an accomplished player, but he was also the Trust’s co-founder and first contributor.